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Columbus offers mission-enabling support to NOAA and NASA towards their earth science and climate science missions such as GOES, POES, DMSP, ESPC, Terra, Aqua, Aura, and TRMM, ASO, ECOSTRESS, NISAR, SWOT etc.

Our support includes satellite ground systems operations and maintenance, real time satellite operations, science software sustainment, enhancement, development & troubleshooting, IT security, Network administration, help-desk and web application support. We also provide configuration management, document control and Quality Assurance services.


Scientific Services

  • Science Data Modeling and Simulation
  • Data Generation, Acquisition, Monitoring, Storage and Distribution
  • Data Analysis, Assimilation and Archiving
  • Scientific Technique and Algorithms Development
  • Technology Upgrade (Assessment, Planning and Transition)
  • Science Instruments Development
  • Science Data Visualization
  • Web Applications Development for Science Data Distribution

Science Program Management

  • Scheduling and Cost Management
  • Quality Assurance
  • Human Capital Management
  • Training
  • Outreach
  • Satellite Command and Control

Engineering Services

  • Mission-Oriented Systems Engineering (Systems Engineering Assessment, Policy Development, Enterprise Architecture, Configuration Management, Risk Management, Validation and Verification)
  • Technological Methodologies and Automation
  • Ground Systems Support (Communication Networks, Antennas, Telemetry)
  • Operations, Maintenance and Sustainment Support
  • Lifecycle Systems and General Engineering


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