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Satellite over earth


Since 2001, Columbus has supported critical satellite missions with expert engineering, analytics and software development. Our customers include NASA, NOAA, FAA, the U.S. Air Force and other leaders in aerospace innovation. From concept design to post-launch operations, we build and support one-of-a-kind satellite systems that enable our customers’ research missions.

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Female scientist looking through electron microscope

Health Services

Columbus provides integral, on-site support in a broad range of health services disciplines. Our experts serve leading research institutions in the areas of biomedical research, health science studies, clinical analytics and project management. We enable this work with health-related IT services, while providing guidance on health policy and regulatory compliance.

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Female in camoflage operating computer in data center

National Security

Columbus passionately serves our nation’s most important mission: protecting our Homeland. Our National Security group brings mission-honed expertise in intelligence, operations and analytics. We leverage this knowledge to help federal agencies actively protect America’s people, data and infrastructure.

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