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A Dedicated Career Resource

Columbus has a commitment to supporting veterans, reservists, members of the National Guard, spouses, and the military community as they make the transition to the civilian workforce.

Columbus is committed to providing successful transition assistance to our servicemen and women by connecting them with opportunities to continue serving their country.

Current and former service members are valuable assets to our organization, workforce and communities. Our customers recognize that military skills, experience and work ethic make these individuals exceptional candidates for the roles our customers are trying to fill. At Columbus, these employees add value to our customers’ programs with their capacity to continuously acquire new skills and devote themselves to a larger mission. In turn, they have a new platform to grow professionally and enjoy rewarding careers.

Our Military Support Team (MST) focuses on working with veterans and transitioning service members into the civilian workforce. The MST attends national military conferences, advertises on military job boards and websites, and participates in career and outreach activities at military installations.

Service to Military Community

As our military proudly serves to keep us safe, Columbus is proud to support veterans, the active duty force and their families.


We understand how difficult transitioning from active duty may be for many. Our goal is to help navigate the hiring process to assist securing a position that is commensurate with your training and experience.

Military Spouses

We realize that finding employment as a military spouse may be extremely challenging. But with Columbus’ resources and relationships, we can help with career advice, resume writing and job opportunities that can be beneficial to you.

National Guard & Reserve

We understand your military commitment and our leadership is determined to ensure your ability to meet both your duties as a citizen and as a reservist or guardsman.