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Columbus provides a vast range of technical services to drive business transformation in aerospace, health and national security.


Specializing in space flight instrument and mission engineering, space and Earth science, data analytics, mission operations, and IT; Columbus builds innovative technologies that enables NASA, NOAA and others to meet their mission goals.

Health Services

Columbus brings expertise in biomedical research, IT, health policy and compliance to help national research leaders push the frontiers of medicine and advance public health.

National Security

With hard-fought experience in homeland, intelligence and enforcement missions, Columbus supports federal agencies with services in training, analysis, security and operations.

Our Expertise.

Solving our client’s most pressing technical, strategic and operational challenges.


Advancing groundbreaking missions with multi-discipline expertise


Providing unique technical solutions for mission-critical systems


Providing expertise and applied skills to drive scientific discovery

Latest Tweets

January 15, 2021 2:00pm
The Sentinel-6 Michael Freilich satellite, which launched on November 21st last year, has delivered its first sea surface height measurements.

Data from this project will help us evaluate how our sea levels are changing.

January 13, 2021 3:00pm
Columbus has been supporting @NASAJPL's SPHEREx project in the areas of Avionics, Flight Software, Guidance, Navigation and Control.

Learn more about SPHEREx here: https://t.co/useY08Poqt
January 11, 2021 2:15pm
There are 5 symbols, mottos, and small objects added to the @NASAPersevere rover that serve a variety of purposes, from functional to decorative.

Can you correctly guess what they represent?

January 7, 2021 3:00pm
Columbus has successfully earned recertification to ISO 9001:2015, an internationally recognized standard specifying the requirements for quality management systems.

Learn more about this: https://t.co/aOTirabs4E

Covid 19 Response

Columbus is committed to provide for the ongoing health and safety of our employees, partners and the community while ensuring seamless service operations for our customers throughout the Coronavirus outbreak. We are also ensuring compliance with governmental regulations and public health guidance.

All Columbus employees have been instructed to take their temperature before leaving home and to use the Coronavirus Self-Checker each day before entering a work facility.

Latest News

Columbus Earns Recertification to ISO 9001:2015

Columbus has successfully earned recertification to ISO 9001:2015, an internationally recognized standard specifying the requirements for quality management systems. The ISO 9001 quality management systems standard helps Columbus demonstrate to customers that we can offer products and services of consistently high quality. It also acts as a tool to streamline our processes and make us…

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Columbus Supports Technologies on Sentinel-6

Saturday, November 21st marked the launch of the Sentinel-6 Michael Freilich satellite. It is the first of two identical satellites that will be launched 5 years apart in a 10-year NASA mission to allow continued and consistent data collection and observations of sea levels. NASA has developed this mission in partnership with the European Space…

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Employee Highlight: Briana Cantos

Meet Briana Cantos: an Electrical and Power Flight Systems Engineer at NASA JPL, a member of the Electrical Systems Engineering Group, and a proud Columbus employee supporting the Europa Clipper project. During 2017, Briana interned with the Europa Clipper Electrical Systems team while completing her B.S. in Electrical Engineering. She joined the Europa Clipper project…

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