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Columbus provides a vast range of technical services to drive business transformation in aerospace, health and national security.


Specializing in space flight instrument and mission engineering, space and Earth science, data analytics, mission operations, and IT; Columbus builds innovative technologies that enables NASA, NOAA and others to meet their mission goals.

Health Services

Columbus brings expertise in biomedical research, IT, health policy and compliance to help national research leaders push the frontiers of medicine and advance public health.

National Security

With hard-fought experience in homeland, intelligence and enforcement missions, Columbus supports federal agencies with services in training, analysis, security and operations.

Our Expertise.

Solving our client’s most pressing technical, strategic and operational challenges.


Advancing groundbreaking missions with multi-discipline expertise


Providing unique technical solutions for mission-critical systems


Providing expertise and applied skills to drive scientific discovery

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March 3, 2021 2:00pm
Life needs a source of energy, the presence of certain chemical compounds, and temperatures that allow liquid water to exist. Jupiter’s icy moon #Europa seems to be just such a place.

Learn more about why Europa is @NASA's next mission: https://t.co/g6B7AbzKH9
March 1, 2021 4:38pm
Columbus is honored to have been recognized by LA Business Journal as the #23 Top Minority-Owned Business in the Greater Los Angeles Area, for the sixth consecutive year!

February 26, 2021 1:34pm
Last Thursday, @NASAPersevere touched down on Mars, after a 203-day journey traversing 293 million miles.

Packed with groundbreaking technology, the Rover marks an ambitious first step in the effort to collect Mars samples and return them to Earth.

February 24, 2021 4:08pm
Over the last several years, our employees working at @NASAJPL have made notable contributions to the Mars 2020 @NASAPersevere mission. All of us at Columbus are very proud to be a part of a team that made history last week.

February 18, 2021 6:17pm
We at Columbus are filled with tremendous pride today and are honored to have contributed to this historic mission. Congratulations to everyone at @NASA and @NASAJPL for the successful landing of @NASAPersevere! https://t.co/Z1q7l4xLDO ColumbusUSA photo

Covid 19 Response

Columbus is committed to provide for the ongoing health and safety of our employees, partners and the community while ensuring seamless service operations for our customers throughout the Coronavirus outbreak. We are also ensuring compliance with governmental regulations and public health guidance.

All Columbus employees have been instructed to take their temperature before leaving home and to use the Coronavirus Self-Checker each day before entering a work facility.

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Top Minority-Owned Business Award 2021

Columbus is honored to have been recognized by LA Business Journal as the #23 Top Minority-Owned Business in the Greater Los Angeles Area. For nearly two decades, we have partnered with our nations’ federal agencies to provide mission-critical support to advance complex scientific, technical, and medical programs and projects. We are tremendously grateful for the…

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Mars 2020 Perseverance Rover Successfully Lands on The Red Planet

We would like to express our profound gratitude to the more than 500 Columbus employees who have worked in partnership with JPL to make the Mars 2020 Perseverance Rover landing a resounding success. These employees directly contributed to this mission, and their individual and collective expertise helped ensure today’s historic accomplishment. Columbus employees led efforts…

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Employee Highlight: Christopher Boswell

Meet Christopher Boswell: an Electronics Manufacturing Engineer at NASA JPL working on the Europa Clipper project. Christopher is a Californian through and through, born and raised in San Luis Obispo. He graduated from San Diego State University with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. One of his first jobs was working on Ground Control…

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