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For nearly 15 years, Columbus has provided NIH and CDC with mission-enabling research and science support in Microbiology, Epidemiology, Biology, Entomology, Virology, Research Dissemination, and Human Subject Management. Columbus provides research/analysis, field investigations, development of methodologies and protocols, submission of articles to industry journals, human-subject management, survey development/interviewing of study subjects, and animal care/research. We have performed scientific analysis of vector-borne infectious diseases along with SAS-based biometrics. We provide regulatory affairs support including validation and compliance.

Columbus’ IT services include clinical data management, bioinformatics, SAS analysis, data warehousing, validation (GxP), healthcare informatics, research software & bio-surveillance, web-application development, database prototyping, IT operations, infrastructure engineering and data integration. We have supported statistical analysis, program analysis, public health education & outreach.  Our SMEs include MD’s, Ph.D.s, RNs, scientists, analysts, grant researchers and IT specialists.


Clinical Research

  • Research on Human and Non-Human Subjects
  • Design and analysis of clinical trials – statistical sections, study design, randomization and stratification methods, power and sample size calculations, interim monitoring and analysis plans, data analytic plans
  • Disease Management
  • Health Communication
  • Clinical Trial Portfolio Analysis

Basic Research

  • Providing SMEs, Ph.D.s and Doctors in niche subjects
  • Conducting Research and Experiments in public health, behavioral sciences, microbiology services, pharmaceutical services, nursing, medical and surgical services, epidemiology and research, health science, occupational therapy, behavior modification services etc.
  • Consulting – Providing Scientific/Professional analyses and Advice
  • Science Data Management – Obtaining, Securing, Compiling, Organizing and Storing


  • Bioinformatics Software (Proteomics) Support
  • Biological Databases (Gene Sequences, Protein Sequences) Management
  • Integrating Genomic Information into Electronic Health Record
  • Computational Biology
  • Biomedical imaging, Image analysis

Engineering Support

  • Architectural and Engineering
  • Facilities and Maintenance
  • Web-based systems for the collection, storage, QA, and reporting of study data and for monitoring trial performance – CRMS, DAIDS Portal
  • Digital Library Management, Content Management, Asset Management
  • IT Support – Scientific data and help desk

Programatic Support

  • Grants Management
  • Logistical support for Meetings and Conferences
  • Writing and editing – policy, protocols, publications, reports, transcription, graphics design
  • Quality Assurance – Evaluation and Improvement of Programs and Research
  • Training
  • Outreach


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