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Columbus provides full life-cycle data processing, data analytics, and data visualization support for earth and space science, life science, bioinformatics, research and development activities, and government data center activities. We support data collection, processing, analysis, and distribution of satellite data and products for NASA and NOAA. We also support biomedical and clinical analytics for 12 NIH institutes.  Our data analytics activities include advanced modeling, predictive diagnostics, cross-spectrum visualizations; and big data ingest; and network analytics.


Enterprise Analytics Solutions

  • We interpret results and develop predictive models for a variety of space, weather, engineering, and biomedical data sources
  • We develop and evaluate algorithms for specific projects to generate specific data subsets and to provide comprehensive statistical treatments for large data-sets

Data Integration & Visualization

  • Our technologists support multi-mission science and instrument data analysis across NASA and NOAA programs. We integrate instrument data, adapt data processing approaches, and use a variety of techniques for science data acquisition and data reduction.
  • We have used our expertise to develop data visualization and integration tools that provide full-resolution, global, near real-time satellite imagery from over 100 data products/sources.

Data Quality Optimization

  • We perform data quality control, assurance, and optimization of data in scientific databases.
  • Columbus revises data collection methods and data analysis plans and coordinates efforts with institutional users to ensure that all data and metadata are meeting the objectives of data users/consumers.

Social Media & Digital Outreach

  • We provide support for numerous science education/STEM programs, developing communications, educational statistics, and grade-appropriate analyses for community and laboratory events.
  • We perform grants management data tracking and program support.

Certifications & Compliance

  • CMMI DEV / 3
  • ISO 9001:2015
  • ISO 27001


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