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Columbus supports NASA in the design and development of electrical/electronic instruments, data acquisition systems, communications systems, and flight hardware. We provide electrical engineering support for satellite control, command and data handling, instrument control, ground systems, embedded flight systems, and electro-mechanical systems for numerous missions including the Mars Exploration Rover, the Mars Landing System, and EUROPA, among many others.  Our technical expertise includes the design, fabrication, assembly, prelaunch, and post launch support of electrical systems, electronic hardware, flight and ground systems, hardware system integration,  inspection services, and communication systems.


Electrical Design and Engineering

  • Design, assembly, integration, test and verification
  • Electronic circuit protype design
  • Control circuitry design and testing

Baseband, RF & Optical Communications

  • Supporting long distance electronic communications
  • Advanced generation, filtering, and modulation/demodulation techniques

Electronics Assembly and integration

  • Circuit board layout, fabrication and assembly for flight electronics.
  • Digital testing and systems testbed engineering


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